Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bruises and what to do about them

We all get bruises but there are some natural things we can do to shorten the length of time they stay on our skin.
It's happened, you've hurt yourself and you know you're going to get a bruise. First put a cold compress on the location.  A bag of frozen peas can work in a pinch.  If you can, elevate the area.  This is to reduce the amount of swelling.  From this point you have a few options.  You can rub some margarine, butter or crumble a boiled egg and rub onto the spot.  Vitamins E and K are also known to reduce the visibility of bruises.

If you frequently get bruises you may have a vitamin C deficiency and you need to examine your diet to ensure you're getting the recommended 60 mg per day.  If you are getting your daily value, it might be wise to speak with your doctor, as the bruising may be a sign of an immune system disorder.

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