Monday, January 31, 2011

Revitalize your Dry, Damaged Hair

Our hair takes a lot of abuse.  We go into the hot sun, color it, blow dry it and put numerous products on it.  All of this puts a lot of strain on our hair, which leaves it dry and damaged.
There are products that guarantee that they will restore the luster an shine to your hair.  These products are often expensive too.  There are homemade options that work just as well, if not better than what you can buy at the store or salon.   I thought I'd share one of those options with you today.

Hair Soak
1 Cucumber
1 Egg
Olive Oil

Slice the cucumber.  Place it in a blender with the egg.  Fill half of your eggshell with olive oil and put that into the blender.  Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth and place evenly on your hair.  Allow it to soak for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly .  For best results do this treatment monthly.

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